Good Friday was too good to me!


I’m literally buzzing with excitement as I write this post. I scored 2 old dresser/could be buffets from The Salvation Army yesterday and dove right into one of the pieces and haven’t taken a break since. I’m calling her Pearl because she’s just so glamorous. photo
I’m rambling, let me rewind to Wednesday afternoon… I’m sitting at my desk and my mother texted me a picture of this sad sad song of a piece of furniture. “39.00, you want it?” I don’t know why, but it spoke to me. This is how I felt when I met Looper and Jeff. I knew Pearl was to be mine.


I anxiously waited and prayed no one would see her inner beauty as I finished up Wednesday and skated through Thursday. We were 5th in line at the Salvation Army at 9AM on Friday morning and I clenched every muscle in my body as I speed walked over to her. Sigh, she was there.

I had visions of french linen and old white with some distressing for this piece, but once I put the pure white coat on it, I knew there was no going back. Swoon. So white she was to be, plus a dark silver gilding on the hardware. Pearl has Risen. Happy Easter!

World, meet Pearl. She soo pretttty!