Hepplewhite? Hufflepuff? The Magical Dresser, Cedric


Today I bring you the tale of Cedric, the magic dresser. This piece was a custom for one of my repeat customers – she actually found it on Craiglist, contacted the seller, set up the drop AND picked her colors/style. Talk about my kind of gal! Truth be told, if I could, I would keep this piece for my own home, it’s totally my style in every way. I was so intrigued while prepping it for paint, I knew I needed to do a little research. After searching every possible surface and cavity for a label, indent or stamp, I couldn’t find a marking at all to identify! That tells me one thing… this sucker looks old! With my trusty copy of Fine Points of Furniture, Early American Edition by Albert Sack, I hit pay dirt! This baby looks exactly like a hepplewhite mahogany bow-front bureau from New England, circa 1780-1800. NICE. Also, as a self proclaimed Harry Potter freak, I couldn’t help but draw the line from hepplewhite to hufflepuff, the home of the famous Cedric Diggory (may he rest in peace) so obviously I needed to name this after him. :)


It Ithad some minor damage near the feet and some major distress on the top, but otherwise all hardware and drawer were in nearly perfect condition! Here’s the finished shots:


I’m letting it cure for the next 48 then shipping him off to his forever home!

What do you think of the pop of color in the drawers? A bit out of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed it!