Dried Lavend ...errr Blue?



Hi! How ya doin? Tonight’s post will be short and sweet as I have a very hot date with Wendy Wax’s latest novel, The House on Mermaid Point. 

Here’s a look a dresser I just finished up today. I saw it posted on Facebook and immediately set up the pick up… it looked great… original hardware, no cracks, unpainted. All in all, a perfect score! I sent my mom to pick it up for me and was so excited to get started!


photoBut of course it’s NEVER that easy! That’s actually brown paint, which covers a hideous, terrible yellow paint underneath it. It was ugly. I was so sad. Sigh. 

I’ve been thinking about giving Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint a try for a while now so after successfully stripping and restaining the top, I mixed up some Dried Lavender and got started. Let’s just say that the learning curve was steep. I’ll leave it at that for now. Here’s a look at the finished product:

MMS00MMS01MMS02MMS03MMS04MMS05Have you ever had a project not follow plan? What do you do to handle the frustration?

-LV xx