vroom vroom


It’s pedal to the metal today, ladies and gents! Today’s makeover reminds me of a super cool, classic corvette with racing stripes. It’s funny that I’m taking about the need for speed today as I’m laid up on the couch with some major ankle issues. Jeff has resorted to doing black magic on me with something he calls “voodoo floss” and swears is “legit.”
Anyhoo, this desk & chair combo will be making its way to one of my oldest and best friend’s brand new home. Lisa, her hubby Rob, and their 3 children will be moving at the end of this month and will be putting this desk in their son’s bedroom.

0 The other furniture pieces in the room will be finished with an awesome gun metal shade of grey so I wanted to stick to that look and feel! My favorite rusty chair also got a nice upgrade with a high gloss black spray. Here’s to hoping for many “easy” homework and studying nights for Lisa & Rob! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Now back to the couch I go!

-LV xoxo