holiday wanderlust

good morning everybody! Can you believe Christmas is just NINE days away? I can hardly believe it… I have done zero gift shopping so far, yikes! Between the big house move, a few unexpected issues and some custom jobs with holiday deadlines, I haven’t been able to really get into the holiday spirit. Bah humbug!
No but really, I need to tune into some Lifetime holiday movies, bake some Christmas cookies and get into the spirit! But first, let me show you this buffet that I just finished up. I was inspired by my friend Julie’s holiday staging and took her lead!

Here are two before shots of the buffet… Double B snapped both of these so don’t blame me that you can’t see it very well, hehe! Just kidding, she saved my butt with this one as she repaired a magnet on one of the doors AND did the base coat(s) of primer.

photo Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.46.22 AM

Double B is an angel. Seriously. She did all the tedious stuff and left the fun parts for me.

So this buffet is going to a beautiful woman (we’re women now, right?) named Kaitlyn who is the definition of a fierce, independent woman. Living and working between Florida and New Jersey and chronically on the road for vacations, it’s hard to catch this wanderlust-et (is that a word?) in our home state. But of course she’s home for the holidays!

Kaitlyn’s style is self described as “shabby chic lace and burlap” but I’m adding in sophisticated and refined. Still riding the high from the grey/white dream that was the doll desk, I stayed on the Paris Grey train since her main color scheme is white and silver grey. Here’s a look:

White Shabby Chic Buffet 1In order to achieve the grey peek through, I layered my paint like this: 2 base coats of white primer followed by 1 coat of Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey and finished with one thick coat of Annie Sloan’s Pure White. Then I went in and lightly sanded the entire piece with an ultra fine sanding block.

My entire floor was COVERED in a white mist. I had a slight moment of panic when I realized I tracked it down the hall and into the bathroom. One emergency Swiffer dance around the house and we were good! Here’s a look at the rest:


White Shabby Chic Buffet 2 White Shabby Chic Buffet 3 White Shabby Chic Buffet 4 White Shabby Chic Buffet 5 White Shabby Chic Buffet 6 White Shabby Chic Buffet 7

OH, my MOST favorite part. In true wanderlust spirit, I lined the drawers with a vintage map print. I hope every time Kaitlyn opens the drawers she can find a new place on the map to explore!

White Shabby Chic Buffet 8 White Shabby Chic Buffet 9Talk soon my friends. All my love plus some more,

LV xoxo