kitchen grand reveal!

wow, the day has finally come… the kitchen is finished – for now at least! If you can remember, I started this project on the first day of 2015. This was certainly a labor of love, I clocked in about 3 weeks of consistent nights and weekends from start to finish. There’s still some work left to do, but for now I can sit back, take a big, deep breath and say, “wow, I’m happy.”
This entire project was done on a shoe string budget and I really relied my own two hands and a little ingenuity to make it happen. The majority of the budget came from selling things I had for the capital to get the necessary supplies (tile, paint, new barstools) so all in all, my total out-of-pocket for everything was about $350 dollars.

So from top to bottom here’s what we did (I might break these down into subsequent posts later)

  • First, removed the doors & painted the cabinets using Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation Kit
  • Second, sprayed the existing silver hardware black & painted the blah beige my favorite shade of white, Swiss Coffee
  • Third, installed glass tile backsplash
  • Fourth, worked with my FIL to build & paint a new, custom farmhouse-style kitchen island
  • Fifth, I painted the Vogel & Co. sign above the window.
  • Last, I had a blast finally unpacking all of my kitchen goodies.

Of course there are things I wish I could still do like replacing the floors and countertops, adding new pendant lighting as well as lighting under the cabinets… but those things will all happen in good time, I’ve got no doubt about it.

It’s crazy what a little courage and elbow grease can do! I had so many skeptics with this one, but as always, I trusted my gut and went for it. I’m so glad that I did. It totally goes to show that you don’t need a gigantic budget to really make a house into your dream home.

Okay so now let’s get to it.. in case you forgot, here’s a look at the kitchen on move-in day:


And here’s our kitchen today!


Kitchen3 Kitchen4 Kitchen5 Kitchen6 Kitchen7 Kitchen8 Kitchen9

What’s next on the agenda? I’m actually not sure! I’ve got a few things I’d like to do but for now I think we’ll just enjoy the kitchen for a bit before I dive in!

All love,