straight and narrow

Hello, internet! Is anybody out there? This whole blogging thing is kind of like shouting out into a dark room and waiting to hear if anybody calls back to you. Is anybody reading this? I have no clue. Mom, you don’t count.
Somebody once told me that minutes become seconds and days become hours when you have a child and it is proving to be so true. Time is just going at the speed of light and I’m squeezing in whatever I can, whenever I can. I remember in pre-baby days I’d sit down with a cup of coffee or a snack, roll up my sleeves and dive into my writing. Now, I’m lucky if I can whip out a quick few lines before Jack is ready for Mommy. I know in time I’ll get back to myself but for now, it’s in and out here on

So without further ado, here’s a little chest of drawers I picked up a few weeks ago that was unclaimed when I pulled it out of the stockpile to get going. I’m finding it easier to tackle 1-2 smaller pieces a week now since I can fit them in during naps and whatnot. Here’s a look:


And here’s the finished look:


This piece is for sale – if you are interested just drop me a line at

All love,