the tale of 3 trunks

The tale of 3 trunks… to make a really long story somewhat short(er), back in 2016 a real nice guy named Harry got in touch with me about his mother’s estate. He knew from my brother that I had been trying to make something of this business and he said I was more than welcome to come take some furniture from his childhood home. In return he asked that I hold onto this collection of steamer trunks that were his dads and that at some point in the future he’d like me to redo them for him. Time passed. I got pregnant. Life got crazy. Harry got back in touch with me in late Spring of this year to let me know his oldest son was getting married and was wondering if we could get the ball rolling on the trunk projects. There were three trunks. One for his son Anthony, one for his son Stephen and one for his wife, Joanne. We talked at length about each piece and how he wanted them to reflect each beloved member of his family. He knew for the most part what he wanted for each but wanted to think a little more and do some recon work for me about little details like brass or silver or bronze. Unfortunately we never closed that loop as Harry unexpectedly passed away in late Summer. Somehow, some way, Joanne got in touch and was blown away to find out Harry had such a grand plan for his son’s pieces. She wanted them to be ready to give to Anthony and Stephen before Anthony’s wedding. I knew in that moment I had to keep Joanne’s own trunk on the down low so she could have a surprise of her own. “Classic, Lindsey, just make it classic, just like Joanne.” That’s what Harry asked for his wife’s gift.

Many, many tears were shed over these chests. Mine included. People often ask why I feel so passionate about other people’s “junk.” Because it’s more than “one man’s trash” to me. It’s just so much more than that. It’s where you rest your weary body at night — where you display your most prized possessions — where you tuck away your most private ones — where you sit to break bread with your family. Furniture is the heart and soul of your home. It can evoke memories of loved ones that loved it in moments past, it has the power to calm the chaos of the day and root you back to your home base. It has power. I believe this deeply. I hope it helps the Debonis family remember the truly amazing, kind & giving man that Harry was. I will always cherish that God gave me the chance to help remember him.