candle crazy

Happy New Year! WOW! 2018 was GREAT! I think 2019 will be even better!
I have some updates on the candle front, after lots of looking and experimenting, I think we’re all set to start pouring the Winter/Spring line! Here’s a peek at the new vessels, I’ll have a 4 ounce travel tin (perfect for trying out new scents!), a mid-size amber jar and a large size frosted white jar. I’m designing these to fit seamlessly into your tablescapes, because after all, a candle should be beautiful, too… right??


In terms of scents, we’ll have FIFTEEN to pick from! Six fan favorites are coming back, plus nine new ones to try. I’m hoping to have these all set up and ready to rock by the end of the month. Here’s the list!

⭐️Sunday Brunch {apples, maple + bourbon}
⭐️Weekend Chores {white cotton blossom + lemon oil}
⭐️Under the Covers {black currant + absinthe}
⭐️After Midnight {mandarin, jasmine, amber + sandalwood}
⭐️Toes in the Sand {lemon verbena, coconut + fresh lime}
⭐️Spoonful of Sugar {brown sugar, vanilla + buttercream}
🌟Pillow Talk {fresh cut lavender + bergamot}
🌟Little Black Dress {raspberry, blackberry + vanilla}
🌟The Secret Garden {lilac, rose, jasmine, green leaves + pears}
🌟Hundred Acre Wood {oak moss, sage + amber}
🌟Under the Wishing Tree {eucalyptus, mint, pine + tonka bean}
🌟Love Potion No. 9 {grapefruit + mangosteen} <—Anthropologie Volcano dupe!!!!!
🌟Lucy in the Sky {lemongrass, orange, green tea + cedar}
🌟Flowers in Her Hair {bergamont, mandarin, thyme, jasmine + white ginger}
🌟Into the Mystic {citrus, cedar + cinnamon} <— Odor eliminator powers like crazy!



XOXO Linds