Funk Master French


I’m sitting here in my shop with the door wide open as I type this, trying my hardest to soak up the last bit of the summer season. It’s a chilly night here in New Jersey, my feet are bare but I’m wearing a big, comfy sweater! I think the cows are just as upset about the dip in the temperatures as me — I hear the moo-ing awfully loud in the nearby pasture. 

It was such an excellent summer, but I’m really excited to see what Autumn will bring me. Lots of furniture, I hope!

Well, if you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook you’ve probably seen the cute french provinicial bedroom set I picked up a few weeks back… if not, here’s a peek.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.39.17 PMI found it at the nearby Habitat for Humanity ReStore and the price tag was a bit more than what I’m used to spending, but I couldn’t pass it up. Actually, Double B wouldn’t let me. In mint condition, the details and ornate carvings are just beautiful. It’s a grandiose set that really makes a statement.

It’s so funny because right after I went up to the register to pay, I walked back to the set to find a couple opening up all the drawers, rubbing the tops and just overall lovin’ on it. I felt like an overprotective father or a jealous girlfriend – hands off my baby girl! Haha! They were actually very cool about it when I showed them my “paid” sticker and took my business card to follow my updates.

I was torn about how to attack this one. I’ve been dying to use Annie Sloan’s Provence and I thought this might be the right fit, but alas, I stayed pretty neutral. I really wanted to call attention to the beautiful turned feet and the details along the bottom and center panels. I just knew a combination of Annie Sloan’s Old Ochre and Old White would do it!

It still needs a bit of finishing work, but I just couldn’t help myself. Double B and I went on a junking adventure this weekend and I picked up some really awesome smalls (this is what we call accessories or smaller scale pieces!) I really hit the jackpot! I was so excited to style a few into the shoot! I’ll point them out as we go…

But without further ado, here’s the finished set:

D2D3D4Two ironstone pitchers (squeeee!)D5D6D7D8A huge vintage (1940’s) canning jar with the original top and label in my favorite blue… for field pumpkin seeds… hello, Fall!D9D10Antique radio & glass dome with wood base…D11What’s been your best junk find of all time? I’ve got so many it’s hard to decide!

All Love,

LV xoxo

P.S.: The “FOR SALE” page has been updated with a bunch of new stock, check it out and if you are interested, please shoot me an e-mail at!