every girl needs a l.b.d(resser)


“one is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a little black dress.” -k. lagerfeld

Sometimes I get what I like to deliciately call “visions.” When a vision comes it’s usually followed by groans from those closest to me. It generally means more work for all parties involved.

Jeff has long since learned that even though a “vision” may sound completely asinine, it’s best to just go with it, because in the end I usually get my way, anyway.

These visions usually happen when I’m totally on board and set down a predetermined path.

They just pop into my head and I can’t ignore them.

They haunt me until I listen.

Reason is not a factor.

Logic does not exist.

I got the vision a few days ago when I was thinking over a statement piece to compliment the beautiful french provincial bedroom set I completed last week.

Annie Sloan BeforeAlready claimed by my friend Jennie as the bedroom set for her new apartment in beautiful Hoboken, NJ., we’d already talked at length about introducing some striking blue into the room, all while trying to delicately balance the femininity of the completed pieces.

Jennie and her boyfriend, Bryan, will be moving in together for the first time at the start of the month. I remember how this went when Jeff and I moved in together. At first I promised I’d keep the masculinity of his place intact upon my arrival.

This promise lasted about 4 seconds. I promise to never make promises involving design, ever again. That’s a promise I can keep.

So, we’re all ready to go with Annie Sloan’s Provence when I get the vision.


It’s gotta be Graphite.

I gotta give this one to Bryan.

Let’s call it penance for making Jeff sleep on a white ruffled, lace bed set.

And for taking away his vintage Burger King booth kitchen seating.

The list of grievances goes on… and on.

And on some more.

So without further idle chit-chat, Jennie, here’s the graphite tallboy. Let’s see what you think!

Annie Sloan Graphite French Provinicial 1Annie Sloan Graphite French Provinicial 2Annie Sloan Graphite French Provinicial 3

See, see, see?! They work perfectly together!Annie Sloan Graphite French Provinicial 4Annie Sloan Graphite French Provinicial 5Annie Sloan Graphite French Provinicial 6Gosh, I just love old packaging – linseed oil from Jersey City, NJ, circa 1925.Annie Sloan Graphite French Provinicial 7And the cherry on top, this vintage yard sale find from my BFF, Ellen, straight from Hoboken, NJ!Annie Sloan Graphite French Provinicial 8

So everybody, what do you think? Was my vision on point or will we be adding a few coats of Provence to this dark beauty. Stay tuned!

-LV xoxo