mirror, mirror on the wall

hey everybody! Today I’m bringing you a little bit of a cheat as you’ve already seen the after picture if you follow me on Instagram... but even if you do, you haven’t seen the before!
I snatched this media console up from my co-worker, Jayne, after I creepily stalked it on one of the many Facebook yard-sale groups I belong to. It’s funny because I’d been dreaming about what I wanted to use in the living room at our new home for a few days and boom, she listed exactly what I as looking for!

This is probably one of the first painted pieces that I’m keeping for myself (at least for now…) I always, always end up putting all of my pieces up for sale or giving them to a friend or family member in need. This time, I think I’ll keep it!

Here’s a look at the before picture. Besides the normal wear and tear, this piece is big, solid and well-made. Just how I like em!

DSC_0177I was very inspired by Censational Girl’s DIY mirrored cabinet makeover and after reading her easy instructions, I decided to give some mirrored panels a try!

The process was so simple! Seriously, anyone can do this.

I prepped the piece as usual and painted with Annie Sloan’s Old White.

Next, I  took one of the paneled doors straight to Lowe’s and after some laps around the store, I finally found the glass cutting area. A lovely lady measured the recessed panel, disappeared behind some glass door and came back out with two perfectly cut pieces of mirrored glass for me to take home ($14 a panel!)

She also recommended I purchase Liquid Nails to adhere the glass to the wood as well as some white caulk to apply to the edges (as they were a little sharp.)

I applied the Liquid Nail goop to each panel and gently laid the glass in. I stacked some books on top of the glass to help it set, and then about 2 hours later I screwed the doors back in. I was a little messy with the caulk (as my dear friend Jess so eloquently pointed out) so my mom and I spent about 25 minutes scraping it off of the glass for a smooth, clean finish.

Here’s the piece all finished:

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 7.53.18 AM

Gosh, isn’t she pretty?!

I’m working hard to unpack all of our things (GOSH who knew we collected so much!?) But as soon as I’m finished I can’t wait to share some photos of the house!

All love,