a tale of a black table

good morning! I’m writing this blog post (with my feet up) from one of Double B’s settees here at her home in New Hope, PA. We’ve spent the weekend doing the usual… searching for new pieces, eating food we shouldn’t, painting and laughing. It’s just the little kick in the tush that I needed to get myself back on track.
We started the weekend with a delivery to my client, Kathy, who took home the blue dresser and nightstand a few weeks ago. This time we gave her kitchen table a refresh. This was a pleasure for a few reasons. The first being that Kathy is passionate about cultivating a beautiful home for her family which I LOVE to see. Second, her style and execution is flawless. Sleek, soft and sophisticated, her furniture, color palette and finish choices flow together to create a beautiful and welcoming place to call home.

Here’s a shot of the table before Jeff and I took it home to my shop:

photo 1

This project was quite the doozy! What I thought would be pretty simple and straight forward turned out to drive me a little crazy. No matter what, I could not get a smooth, flat finish on the first go around! Some people (Jeff) might call me a perfectionist. This is probably true because I ended up completely stripping and beginning again. I called my trusted Wagner Flexio Paint Sprayer out from the bullpen and took her for a ride  to ensure I got a smooth, uniform finish and it worked wonders! I finished off with several coats of Modern Master’s Dead Flat Varnish. I love this varnish for dark finishes because one, it’s water based and non-yellowing and two, it removes undesirable variations in the sheen upon application which is super important and difficult to achieve on large® surface areas. I’m confident this table will age beautifully right along with Kathy’s three children.

Here’s a shot of the table back in place:

photo 2

It’s crazy what some paint can do, right?! Now the table seamlessly fades into the room and draws visitors from the kitchen into the cozy living room.

Have you been thinking about making a small update like this in your home? I urge you to give it a go! The results could surprise you!

Back to painting I go…

All my love,

LV xoxo