hello, sweet, beautiful girl!

two reveals in one day… this might be a record for me!
This desk and chair combination is going to Jeff’s baby cousin, Sophia, as a Christmas gift from her parents, Kelly and Jason. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her grow up from a quiet toddler to a sweet, vivacious little girl. Sophia loves horses, drawing and her puppy, Toby.

It was such a joy to work on this piece as it was very, very out of my normal style. Bright, fun and sweet just like it’s new owner, it’s come quite a ways since it first came into my shop. Here’s a look at the desk:
DSC_0008And here’s a look at the chair (which is one of three left in the basement of our home by the original home owners)

DSC_0038 DSC_0039

This piece was a lesson in patience. A lot of shading going on and some issues with coverage at the start made me not so happy. Poor Jeff took some of my frustration after Tessie dripped some water on the drawer fronts.

Is it Spring yet? I can’t wait to get back into my shop!

Gosh, this piece really got me thinking. The artwork I selected speaks a message I want to share with Sophia. With all girls actually… one of positive thinking.

You are sweet, you are beautiful, you are bright, you are golden.

If I could go back in time to those sweet years I’d tell myself to not be scared to raise my hand in class. To not be ashamed that I’d pick staying home to read a book over going to the mall. To not get so worked up over the mean things that kids might say. To let my mom brush my hair just a little while longer.

I wish many good memories to Sophia and her new desk. Maybe it will become her own Dixie.

Pink Ombre Girls Desk 1 Pink Ombre Girls Desk 2 Pink Ombre Girls Desk 3Merry Christmas my friends! You are all I could ever want and more!

All my love,

LV xoxo