sometimes things pop up that keep us away from doing things we’ve always done. sometimes we just get busy. other times our minds aren’t in a place where we can focus on the things we think that we should. probably all of the above held me back from posting recently. life hasn’t been all that interesting, just trying to spending more time with my husband as build ourselves a safe, little nest. tactically unsubscribing from the things that mentally tax me and forcing myself to get off the hamster wheel to-do list mentality. it hasn’t been easy but I’m working at it.
for several reasons furniture just wasn’t fun for me anymore. too much pressure. too much effort. too much focus on all the wrong things. I have a tendency to take the fun out of any given situation to try to make it perfect. I’m trying to work on that, especially because I was starting to miss using furniture restoration as a tool to relax and unwind.

This piece is a perfect example of my struggle. It started off seemingly innocent and fun.


Color was laying on beautifully but of course I went and rushed it and lots of chipping and peeling occurred. I took a step back, waited a few weeks and came back to it. I used General Finishes’ Seagull Grey and some white porcelain hardware. I’m so thrilled with the results. It’s sweet and light and oh so charming.

Dresser1 Dresser2 Dresser4 Dresser5Thanks for being so patient with me as I try to get this growing up thing down.