green & greige

hey friends! Remember me? I’m back at it! You may know me from This Delightful Life – welp, I’m back, same old Lindsey, same old life! Trust is, being delightful all the time got to be a little tiresome so I’m just sticking to me this time, Lindsey Vogel. :) Here’s the piece that got me back into the saddle…
A little General Finishes goes a long way! Wish I had a before shot, but it was pretty average. 11252599_10100475573668594_1851927407495394909_n12294855_10100475573663604_737366823548878565_n12311114_10100475573698534_1970685186556166576_n12304408_10100475573623684_2035714464890356190_o

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