DIY faux card catalog

hiya! I am beyond excited to share today’s before and after with you guys! It’s been something I’ve been dreaming of for years now… my very own (faux) card catalog! Woooo! This was seriously a dream to work on. So before I begin, I need to share that this flip was completely inspired by one of my furniture idols, Kristine from The Painted Hive, who did the most amazing chalkboard faux specimen drawer hack back in 2014, you can see it here. So if you are interested in doing this for yourself, I highly recommend checking out her blog for a totally comprehensive guide to hacking your own piece.
If you know me well, you know I am an avid reader. I started my love affair with books in the fifth grade and never looked back. The first place I went to when  I got my drivers license was my local library. I spent many, many hours there as a teenager trying to read anything and everything that I could get my hands on. Card catalogs to me invoke that amazing feeling you get when you crack the spine of a great story. Most of my reading now is done via tablet or audiobook (gasp!) so to work on this piece was a real dream come true.

I’ve been waiting around for the perfect piece and found it just a few months ago and couldn’t wait to get started. Here’s a look at it once I got it home and into my shop:


It was a standard, run of the mill dresser – really well made actually. I knew in my heart of hearts it would be the perfect candidate! I happily drew out my dream plans and called my Father in law, Jeff Sr., over to my shop to see if he could help me with the buildout. He definitely didn’t understand my drawings… A2

But after I laid out the hardware he got it right away! I was so torn between the design on the left and the design on the right but ended up ordering more pulls and deciding on something right in between…A3

After we came up with the drawer strategy it was up to Senior to “wrap” the dresser in new wood. He did such an amazing, precise job of making sure everything was flush and perfect. I could not in a million years completed this without his expertise. I am so thankful to have him in my life!

Each piece of wood is drilled into the existing wood via the inside so there are no visible screws from the outside. Each drawer front was fitted with one solid sheet of wood that was sliced with a special saw that I have no idea about – LOL. When I first saw it I almost cried tears of joy! I knew it could be something really special!!A4

I ended up having Senior go back and add another slice along the center of the drawer fronts to break it up a bit – I’m really happy I made that decision – I feel that it takes the piece to the next level.


After a fun morning browsing the aisles at Home Depot I added on some corner details and brand new wheels. I LOVE the extra details, I think it helps make the piece pop. I’m so excited to share this with you guys, so without further ado here it is!


Don’t you LOOOOVE it?


-Linds xoxo