girl in translation

hey friends! Today I’m sharing a fun little diddy that I just finished up for my best friend since the sixth grade, Miss Jessica Mary. We’ve been in this together since the very first hair straightener on the market, the Conair Steam Hair Straightener – you know the one with the little water compartment that you’d have to refill 2-3 times per straightening job? Remember? Ahh… chills.

Somehow we still managed to have frizzy hair level 1,000… Circa 2001.


We’ve been through countless hair straighteners, bad haircuts, over zealous eyebrow tweezing, breakups, detentions, graduations, new jobs.. you name it, we’ve done it together. That’s why after all these years I’m pumped to create a funky piece for her living room. She’s currently undergoing an apartment metamorphosis and I’m happy to lend a helping hand!

Here’s a look at the piece before:


It’s been sitting in my workshop for at least 2 years now! We lost the mirror and reimagined it as a fun, fresh and funky television console. I patched in a very “interesting” sunshine inset on the drawer fronts and then smeared wood filler all over the drawer fronts and dresser top to give it a more rustic feeling. Once that set I covered the entire piece in a few coats of white and then covered with a custom mix of a bunch of Annie Sloan colors…

We’ve got aubusson blue, napoleonic blue and graphite in just about an equal mix…


Then after after 3 coats of that mix I let it cure for a few days and then beat the crap out of it with a super fine grit sand paper block. So fun to see the white pop through! I finished everything off with General Finishes Van Dyke Brown Glaze to give it that really cool textural look that is so hot right now. The white drawer interiors and the super shiny silver handles are the perfect finishing touch. What’s that hand motion Italian chefs do when they finish the perfect sauce recipe? I definitely did that when I stepped back to take some pictures…


LOVE, right?!

XO Linds

PS: If I ever make it big will I have to pay Tessie residuals for all her modeling work?