bobbsey twins

it’s tuesday morning and I feel ALIVE! Any Girls fans out there? I’m channeling my inner Lena Dunham today since I’m back from the dead… aka back from suffering from the FLU. It was in one word: miserable. I ended up in the emergency room suffering from severe dehydration and got a bunch of fluids and medications. I was on my butt for about 5 whole days. I took Netflix and chill to a whole new level.
Completely off topic but I LOVED Netflix’s show LOVE. Hysterical. Sadly hated Fuller House and only made it through 1.25 episodes. Really getting into Midwives and Shameless. What are you guys watching?

Back to the reeeeal reason I’m here, I have a little before and after action for you! My gram would call these two vintage end tables “bobbsey twins” probably. I never really knew what she meant by that but if a girlfriend and I dressed alike as for a school dance or special event she’d always use that term. Funny what the mind remembers!



They were in pretty rough shape and have been sitting in my workshop for at least a year. I kept meaning to get around to them but just never made the time for it! I’m glad I finally got around to attacking them! Annie Sloan’s French Linen with an Old White wash and some light distressing really bring the details out of these babies!


They are so functional with the hidden drawer and bottom tier – I’d love to keep them if I had the space!

xo Linds