when doves cry

I have no idea why that Prince song just popped into my head but I really love the funky beat! “thissssss is what it sounds like… whennnn doves kah-ryyy”
Remember when I blogged about the gigantic grey and white bedroom set that used to be the gigantic blue and white bedroom set? Well I have some pictures of it in it’s final resting place. And I think this is where doves cry. At least I cry. Because it’s just so beautiful I could die. When Doves Cry….Big shout-out to my client, Courtney, for sharing pictures of the beast in its new home. 12744406_10100992484245634_1253016261636964645_n


Don’t you just want to curl up in that big beautiful bed and listen to Prince and have a nice little nap? I do.

xo Linds