shiplap lipsmack

hey hey! this is such a fun before and after because 95% of the work was done by my hubby, Jeff. For starters, we picked this hum-drum coffee table up just YESTERDAY after I saw it on a Facebook yard sale group I am a member of… talk about a quick flip! 

I just LOVED the industrial style base and knew the top could look just as great with a little help. I was initially thinking of spraying the base gold and doing a faux marble top like I did on this faux gold and marble coffee table that you see right here but ended up changing my mind this morning.

Little known fact: Jeff only has 2 days off a month (his decision – he loves his work) which are every other Sunday. This morning we slept in a little bit, went out to breakfast, went to church and then went to one of my favorite places, Home Depot!

After some back and forth we thought maybe planking the top would be cool, giving it that rustic industrial look. We were checking out all the different woods when some grey stained shiplap caught my eye. WOW! Once we saw it we both agreed it was definitely the right way to go.

Jeff did all the measuring, cutting, screwing and heavy lifting and I just finished it off with a super fine grit sanding job and touched up the sides (which was just your basic trim!)

I loved the way it turned out! We make a great team if I do say so myself!


Gotta love my guy!