cottage to classic

wow! this is such a crazy post to write. It’s a long trip down memory lane to think about this bedroom set… it’s been with me for many, many years now! I can remember it like it was just yesterday… it was this time of year, not Spring per say, but Tax Return season! I was in the 7th grade at the time and my mom had mentioned a few times that maybe if I behaved I could be getting some new bedroom furniture. I was absolutely SO excited. After a long day at school (gosh, life was easy back then) I came home and my dad told me that the family tax refund check had made it and I was in fact going to get a new bedroom set! We hopped into his old school red Honda Accord (one that I gouged stars and suns and moons into the side of, btw) and took a trip to Jarod’s Furniture Store which is the place to go for furniture in the town where I grew up.
I still remember the excitement of walking up and down the aisles just looking at all of the different bedroom sets. I was in HEAVEN! When I stumbled on this cream cottage style bedroom set I KNEW it was the one I wanted. My dad could tell too, because he called the Sales Associate over and we ordered the set right then and there!


The day it was delivered was one of the best days ever! Very few things excite me more than new furniture, and that certainly hasn’t changed over the years!


Gosh, this bedroom set has been with me through a ton of shit! Honestly! It’s seen me grow up from a shy, insecure little peanut into a married woman! Jeff and I used these pieces in our bedroom when we first got married and they were eventually moved over into our guestroom before the big makeover!

It feels crazy to finally be giving it new life, it has certainly been through quite a bit with me!

At first I was thinking about going with a few light grey with some sterling silver hardware but ended up going in completely different direction! I thoroughly sanded the entire set and used some stinky Bondo on the leaf inlay along the tops of both dressers. I let that dry for a bit and then laid down a heavy basecoat of Annie Sloan’s French Linen which I followed up with a super watered down wash of the same color before hitting everything with my sanding block. After that I added General Finishes Van Dyke Brown Glaze to add some more dimension. The oil rubbed bronze hardware finish this set off and it looks completely reborn. Love the navy drawer liner, too! Enjoy…