DIY Card Catalog Take 2

BOY AM I EXCITED! Today’s reveal is freakin’ awesome if I do say so myself! I’m back again with another card catalog hack, but this time it’s actually straight out of a 1960’s library! 
Funny story, the bones of this piece actually belong to the Ikea Tarva 3-drawer chest which looks a little something like this when complete:


...Only somewhere along the way I must have messed up because my drawers were not sliding in and out smoothly and it was looking more like something made by a person who possibly had 5-6 glasses of wine before trying to assemble.

So after sitting on it for awhile I thought, eh, what if we just open it up and put a door on it? And why not use the cool card catalog pulls I ordered off eBay months ago that I totally forgot about? SURE! Why not? And also, why not start this project at 8PM on a Friday night on a completely unrelated trip to Home Depot. In my Kia Forte. With a huge sheet of wood that wouldn’t fit in the backseat. So we tied it to the roof and held it as we drove. My hand was practically frozen by the time we made it the 2 miles home.

Jeff was all about this project and totally took the lead in terms of measuring, making all the wood cuts and drilling a million tiny screws. He kicked butt!

Here’s a look at the door front before we stained:


And here’s the finished product! I decided not to stage this piece because I feel that it’s just TOO beautiful on its own…


How would you add this piece to your home? I feel like it could be used almost anywhere!