big daddy's antiques!

title got your attention hu?! There’s a totally innocent meaning, I promise. Let’s get to it… 
I’m just finishing up this antique dresser and headboard for my bff Ali’s mom, El. I didn’t get a great before picture, but I do have this pre-sanding shot:


and this post sanding pic:


I was able to sand through decades of scratches and scrapes and some failing, peeling stain topcoat.

El wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to do in terms of color or style… Since the pieces had been in her family for awhile she wanted to make sure it kept some original elements and didn’t go too crazy.

For inspiration she was totally loving Pottery Barn’s Big Daddy’s Antiques Bedside Table which is a super distressed, soft, matte black. Now we’re talking!

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 7.44.29 PM

Although I’m not usually a fan of the chippendale hardware, I must admit it really works with this set – so I kept them! GASP!

I went with Annie Sloan’s graphite and then followed up with General Finishes’ Black glaze and then wet distressed around the edges to get some of that wood to pop though. Looks beautiful — dare I say better than Pottery Barn’s big daddy??


Headboard+footboard coming soon!