electrified by agate

woah, woah, woah… slap my ass and call me Susan because this ones a doozy. Remember when I said that gold and navy was everything?  Welp, I found a way to make it even BETTER... all you have to do is add some agate stone slices. GIRL, PLEASE! Gorgeous. 
See now normally I’d turn my head and keep on walkin’ when I saw a piece like this. A little 70’s, a lotta ugly. But that was before I saw The Resplendent Crow’s entry cabinet with agate pulls and OH MAN, game changer. Here’s what it looked like when I brought it home:


and here’s a peek after I sanded her down and patched the existing screw holes with Bondo before Jeff drilled new ones for me.


I can’t honestly say that I was always in love with these volcanic rock crystals… in fact my best friend Jess used to collect them when we were kids and I used to tease her relentlessly… Jess, my rock collecting friend… you were on to something. Agate is EVERYWHERE. They are blowing up my friends! And I’m totally content with hoping on the bandwagon because ummm.. they are amazing. Ugly cabinet, meet General Finishes Coastal Blue, meet Hobby Lobby’s agate slice knobs… it’s a menage a trois made in heaven. See for yourself:


Oh baby I think I’m in love! I know I say this a lot, but in this case it’s true more than ever.. this piece is super transitional. I can see it in an entryway, as a side table or even a mini bar (it’s got a self once the center door is opened.)

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