rainy day blues

darn it, this rain is a real pain in the butt. I woke up extra early this morning to get sunrise lighting for my pictures since I needed to leave a little early for my commute into the city and guess what, the lighting sucked! booo! it better clear up before this weekend! My mom and I are planning to hit the local nursery/garden store circuit to come up with some ideas for my front yard…Today’s before and after looks a whole lot like my first ever diy card catalog which you can see right here, except its just a little different!  I started out with the Ikea six-drawer Tarva…


...and ended up with a real beauty! Sunshine or not…

IkeaPrintMakersCabinet1IkeaPrintMakersCabinet2IkeaPrintMakersCabinet3IkeaPrintMakersCabinet4IkeaPrintMakersCabinet5IkeaPrintMakersCabinet6I layered a bunch of black, grey, white and brown here and sealed it all in with a satin topcoat for extreme durability. I just LOVE the look of the hardware, can’t get enough!

Hope it’s sunny where you are!