It’s so awesome what a weekend of R&R can do for the soul. This weekend Jeff & I took some time out to drive to my favorite place on earth – Long Beach Island, NJ – to stay with our friends Rob & Ellen. Something about the island just restores my serenity and makes me feel super connected to all that is good. It was a great little break from the everyday grind! We returned this afternoon earlier than planned and since we had one delivery on schedule for later today in Point Pleasant we decided to move it up and take the dogs with us for a quick walk. This was actually the first time we had Tessie & Looper at the beach and it was a blast! Tessie made friends with two beautiful golden retrievers and even body surfed! We will definitely be adding the beach to our list of Sunday trips.

So cute! But anyway, now that we’re home and all tuckered out on the couch I’m excited to share this awesome coffee table before and after. We started with this average, run-of-the-mill coffee table…


Gave it a new planked top…


and an awesome new paint job! It looks like the perfect rustic, well-loved coffee table… who knew? I used Valspar’s Bootstrap Black which is actually more like a dark grey and did a brown & grey style matte stain top. So nice!