fretwork makes the dream work

f Hey friends! I’m home from Luckett’s Spring Market and feel totally inspired! I had such an awesome trip and picked up lots of awesome goodies. Today I’m sharing two side tables that I had actually finished up right before I left for the trip but never got a chance to photograph. Sometimes it’s good for me to step away from a piece for awhile so that I can see it through the naked eye. It’s easy to get caught up in the little details when you are staring at it for hours at a time. I’m glad I was able to do that with this set of vintage side tables. I am absolutely LOVING them.

I picked them up recently as part of a way bigger haul and I was smitten from the start. I just love the delicate fretwork panels on the sides and the detailed lip around the top. I’m half tempted to keep them but sadly I don’t any place for them here at 4 Lake!

To get the finish I first painted them with Rustoleum’s Chalked in Linen White then dead a heavy coat of Annie Sloan’s Louis Blue. Next, I distressed them like crazy so that about 30% of the white was popping through and 10% of the natural wood was coming through around the fretwork, legs and edges. After that I added a heavy coat of General Finishes Van Dyke Brown glaze to transform the jarring blue to more of a muted sea foam green (which is my favorite color of all time, as you could probably tell!)  I finished it up by glazing with a very thin layer of Rustoleum’s Chalked in Aged Grey. Lots of layering here!

Here’s the finished product:


gorgeous, right?! These are now for sale so if you are interested, please reach out! I have a feeling they will get snatched up quickly :P

Have a great Sunday!