visions of verdigris

Hey friends! Today I’m supes pumped to share a really cool/funky/fun before and after courtesy of the folks over at Modern Masters. I was recently contacted to see if I had any interest in trying out a product… as a true lover of their Dead Flat Varnish, I was ALL for it! 
From metallic paints and architectural textures to glazes, varnishes and crackles, Modern Masters offers a lot of really awesome, unique products. For this one, I went with the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint with the Green Patina Aging Solution. OMG, it was a BLAST to work with – super easy! I started with this old drum circle side table that had been sitting in storage for a bit. I knew it needed something different & the gorgeous verdigris results from MM was just the thing!



I was so excited when I got the package from Modern Masters – it came with a Primer which protects the existing surface of the piece (I used 3 coats) as well as the oxidizing copper paint (I used 2 coats) and the green patina aging solution (I squirted a shit-ton of this)


Since it was my first time using the product and I’ve never done any sort of oxidizing treatments before, I was a little skeptical and also kept my hopes down low. I was excited for sure, but definitely tempered that excitement for as long as I could… that was until I peeked outside after letting the aging solution settle for about an hour and saw some magic!!

I went back in and added a bit more copper paint in some areas and then sprayed some aging solution in random spots.

I am so blown away and thrilled with the results. I love a good patina, especially a verdigris one. This will certainly not be my last time using Modern Master’s Metal Effects.

Here’s a look at the table all finished:  A2A3A6A7A8A9


If you’d like to try out Modern Masters Metal Effects – or any of their other products – head over to the website right here:

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