Jack's Superhero Nursery Reveal

Here we are! Just F-O-U-R weeks until Jack’s official due date and we’re just about as ready as we’ll ever be! We have our gear assembled, diapers and wipes stocked, bedroom ready and overnight bag all packed.
Jack is moving around quite a bit and loves to play footsies with my ribs around 6PM every night which coincidentally is when I’m driving home from work. Anytime I consume anything cold or even the least bit sugary he definitely feels it!He moves around so much that people are starting to notice the waves rippling my belly without me having to point and patiently wait for another kick. My brother, Cody, was able to feel him move on Saturday and it was such a hoot to see him freak out a little with wonder and excitement and a little bit of horror, if we’re being honest.

He is now the size of a bunch of carrots, or so my pregnancy app tells me. I often think about the moment we will first meet and I am just so excited to see his face and see what he is all about! Will he have dark hair like dad? Or lighter like me? I had very red hair when I was young so I wonder if Jack will too. I know this isn’t the typical type of post you get when you come to my blog, but I just want to get all of this down in writing so that I can look back and remember this very special, crazy and transitory time in our lives.

Today I want to show you some pictures of Jack’s nursery and where it stands today! We’re going to keep it a little neutral for now to let the space evolve to fit Jack’s needs. I know we’ll definitely want to add some shelving to the wall for more books and toys but we’ll think on that before putting some more holes in the walls :)

Here it is!


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