grain sack collection


hey, howdy, hi, hello! I’m writing from the couch while watching the Harry Potter weekend marathon on ABC Family, ugh, it’s just phenomenal. Any Harry Potter fans out there? We just finished up the scene where Dobby dies and man, I cried. “What a beautiful place to be with friends. Dobby is happy to be with his friend Harry Potter.”  Gets me every. single. damn. time

Anywho, I had a pretty rad weekend which started a little early with a great junkin session during my lunch break on Friday afternoon. My boss drove past an old farmhouse right near our office and luckily spotted a big old spread of junk on the front lawn. I sped over and had a great time chatting and bargaining with the home owner and resident farmer, Mr. Nedd. He was very spry for an older dude and he helped me cram all of my goodies into Jeff’s Nitro ...Did I mention that I really want to buy myself a pick-up truck? It’s on the list of to-do’s.
Here’s a look at all the goodies:
Screen shot 2014-07-13 at 9.09.33 PM

I’ll go into greater detail about the other items later, but this weekend I decided to tackle the wooden dresser set. It was in pretty good shape except for the random white drawer and sprayed top. Here’s a look at the “before:”

I was on the fence about how I wanted this to end up so I started out by painting the entire body with my go to, Old White by Annie Sloan. Both tops were so easily sanded and stained that I was on cloud nine! I love, love, love the way French Linen looks with a red mahogany top so I went with that.  I also went with my go-to painter’s tape to give the effect of the ever popular french grain sack. I finished it up by heavily distressing – I LOVE the way the wood and imperfections popped through. The hardware also took the stain beautifully as an added bonus! Here’s a
look at the completed set which is now available for purchase!










Have a great week, everybody! I’ll be eagerly counting down until some of my best friends & sorority sisters travel here to the farm for a little reunion weekend! I can’t wait!

LV xoxo