if you know me well then you know I’m not very good with electronics… especially ones of the cleaning variety. I’m so terrible actually that Jeff doesn’t give me the chance to operate the washing machine or dish washer. I mean… I’ll take it because this gets me out of doing the dishes or laundry… So when I saw an ad for a new paint product on Instagram called Saltwash I figured – maaaaybe this is a type of washing I can get behind. Total slam dunk!


I snagged this cute, little piece off the side of the road (Edit: Jeff saved it, I directed)


I started with a white base coat with some old white trim paint + the saltwash mix. It goes on kind of like cake batter – very fun!


It really does leave a salt&sand weathered look! Saltwash is meant to be a base coat and then you add your topcoat color overtop and sand back for a really cool effect.

I was a bit reserved with my sanding block and only let a bit of the white peek through. I’ll get braver on the next one!




Gosh I just love it! It’s for sale – but for now I have it in our living room :)


Look at my cute girl…


Hope you have a great weekend!