grab & dash

so, as many of you know I started a new job a few months back. not only has it been an incredibly positive change in my life, it has had some unexpected benefits…like the fact that my new driving route takes me through a rural area with a lot of older farm houses + some new construction. Do you know what that means? It means old furniture lands on the curb quite often! I’ve been trying to practice some discretion with my picking and am attempting to only stick to pieces that don’t need all that much work. ...In all fairness, I just lied. Yep. Bold face lie. I actually suck at discretion and if I see something I want, chances are its going to end up in Jeff’s trunk and eventually in my workshop. So I saw this coffee table on the curb on the way home on a Monday evening and ALMOST stopped, but didn’t! GO ME! Then New Jersey got the rain storm of a century that lasted almost 2 weeks and every morning and evening that I drove by it, this sad coffee table was getting a real bath. I could tell it was in bad shape. There were cut outs where glass had once been and I don’t want to imagine what types of animals said hello to it while it was sitting out there.

But of course the second the rain held up I swerved to the shoulder and snagged it up. I mean with those sexy legs how could I not?!

As soon as the weather cut me a break I filled the holes with some new wood planks and reinforced them underneath.


I thought about keeping it natural for a hot minute but my darker, more natural wood pieces only tend to sell in the winter months so I decided to go the beach cottage route with this one.

I started off with a thick, luxurious coat of beachy white courtesy of my new favorite mixing agent, SaltWash:


and then layered on top with a custom mix to give the most beautiful beachy seaglass blue/green. Here’s the finished piece:


Love, love, love!